Onion Mask results after 1 month

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) This video is more for me than anyone else. I needed to see the progress m…
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32 Responses to “Onion Mask results after 1 month”

  1. Aegianlulz says:

    1) Onions on juicer. Massage your scalp with juice.
    2) The more the better
    3) No idea, I believe once or twice a week is fine

    warning: IT STINKS!!!

  2. Rosa Coelho says:

    My fiancee who didn’t know I was using ” ARGANRain Products ” for 3 months noticed that I started to regrow hair before I did. You have to be diligent about this stuff and not freak out if you notice you’re losing hair early on during the massaging needed for the application process. I’m going on my 5th month now and the results are well worth it. I like the argan oil too because it can also be used to style your hair. Here the website w…arganrainproducts……com

  3. kinikas2 says:

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  4. MrMrsamo1983 says:

    How do you prepair this treatment? How long do you leave it on before washing it out? And do I do this every day?

  5. Shawn Zaidermann says:

    true. he shines the spotlight right on the before picture but not the after picture. under a light, i look bald. walk in front of it and look at me. i have a thick full head of hair.

  6. אמריקן לזר says:

    this works only on the head of African people
    white people don’t waste your time

  7. Shellie Frank says:

    My hair stylist suggested me to use ant hair loss shampoo and Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment. I am using it and my hair loss problem finished. I buy my products from ebay and arganlife products.c

  8. 4450012 says:


  9. Regina Powell says:

    My husband has been using ” arganrain products ” for about 3 months now, along with the organic arganrain argan oil and we have noticed that where there was no hair at all, there is now quiteEEE a lot of new hair growing. This is not for someone who wants to see instant results – it does take a while before you will notice a difference. Google ” arganrain hair products “

  10. Hairtopperproducts says:

    Great video! Great information! Thanks! :)

  11. Anty Szlaufy says:

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  12. sicassivi says:

    Im not bald but Ive been losing hair like never, will try this and see if ti helps at least a little bit.
    Thanks for the video ;)

  13. cloudmines says:

    Your bald spot did not improve at all, your hair just grew in one month and the rest is just your imagination.

  14. Mohd Jazzully says:

    you are correct. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Listen I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. you can see it here => bit.ly/14lSnqb?=shkhc

  15. shayla howard says:

    I don’t see a difference -_-

  16. sarami khori says:


  17. lucky hans says:

    please tell us how often we have apply every day or every other day

  18. BeenWaiting4You says:

    Well said. I dont understand why she doesnt explain how she makes it and how she uses it to get the results. Why make the video then?? To tease us?

  19. adnan saeedi says:

    Hello all
    Any one tell me plz how can i make onion mask for hair fall ???

  20. adnan saeedi says:

    Dear subash chandar
    Can you tell me plz how can i make onion mask for hair fall.???

  21. Subash Chandar says:

    dnt try any silly product from the market …there are many ways to prevent hair loss and onion is one of the best method ever
    my hair too starts falling few months ago then I used onion 3 times a week now hair regrows back …its true…

  22. TheBaldnessCure says:

    A lot of people find it difficult to stop hair loss and get hair back .My friend tried many programs before but they didn’t work .The last thing he put to the test worked for him.Check out the link in my profile to see what he tried last.

  23. Mohd Shariq says:

    arganrain products perfect for hair loss treatment or Hair4u 

  24. Abdul Wahab says:

    can u plz tell me frm whr can i get it heir

  25. gulabo gulaab says:


  26. Diego Caldera says:

    I’had been using Rogaine alone with not much progress then I passed “Argan Life anti hair loss shampoo”.My hair stop shedding and I am seeing thicker growth!

  27. bubb170 says:

    You gotta be fucking kidding me., what a dutche. And I’m a Dominican man, so from one Dominican to the next, go fuck off and stop selling your soul dignity for riches.

  28. Anton Krupiniv says:

    Hi! I’m Megan.I did -10 lbs past one week.Go to hddiet.gs#hiok

  29. Bismi Bimmi says:

    i am using arganrain argan oil (i bought w…arganrain..net) More expensive than other brands.I’ve tried, but I think that’s because it’s 100% pure. Because of its price I try to use it sparingly. I’m over 50 so I use it primarily under my eyes and around my lips where the wrinkles are deepest. Have definitely noticed a difference, would recommend for aging skin.–

  30. sm36961 says:

    fck off

  31. 4450012 says:

    who is this fool he is a liar and hes just a promoter of products smh

  32. Sarah Shah says:

    my hair was starting to thin at the top and my receding hairline was really starting to show
    I have been using ” ARGANRain products ” everyday along with a 5% minoxidil solution twice a day. It has been about 3 weeks now and iam starting to see peach fuzz where my hair was suppose to be so it is definitely working, i would suggest you check it out at w…arganrain..net

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