hcg hair loss

hcg hair loss

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  1. Sonya De Jesus says:

    I experienced hairloss as well. When i finished phase 2 two years ago. I had a bald spot the size of my finger tip. It grew back over time.

  2. Gracie Rae says:

    i stopped a little less than a month ago (say, 3-4 weeks?) and my hair has been rapidly falling out!!!ahhh
    i immediately stopped and ate a whole bunch and it wont stop… please help!

  3. John James says:

    Hair loss? Fuck that!

  4. Igor Ceh says:

    I managed to loose 23 pounds :) Loosing weight is all about learning the correct way to eat, and living by it. Check out the Weight Loss Road Map if you wanna know how to eat correctly. Take a look here before its gone: bit.ly/Lmnhmp?=okfzbk

  5. Dave Monrowe says:

    There is so much psudo-scientific material on the net that is published by HCG promoters that it can be hard to find the real science

    If you look up HCG Diet on the WebMD website, you can read about the scientific studies that concluded that HCG is no better than a placebo, and does nothing to prevent starvation, prevent muscle loss, keep you from regaining, or anything else the HCG people say it does. They say the Simeons HCG protocol is unscientific, and dangerous to your health to follow

  6. Freda Fenmore says:

    OMG –That HCG starvation diet almost KILLED my sister, and she was under a so-called doctor’s care! Since then, I’ve been hearing all sorts of helath issues people had while on that diet, and some of those health issues were still there MONTHS after they went off. And not one person I know that did HCG was able to maintain their loss, so they went through all that expense and starvation for nothing!

    The HCG diet is dangerous and NOT worth the risk!

  7. smgonz says:

    any rapid weight loss you will lose your hair.

  8. Swackers90 says:

    your hair does look dull and thin compared to your earlier videos.

  9. Gillian1107 says:

    Went through just phase 1. I wish I’d never gone on this diet just to lose 12 pounds. I went to a clinic with a Naturopathic doctor who prescribed hcg injections. I lost half my hair the 3rd week on the diet (came out in clumps
    Hair on the front/crown of my head is so thin I’ve had to look into a hair transplant. Hair loss specialist and endocrinologist attribute my condition to effects from the hcg injections- altering hormones. Please don’t do this diet. It’s not worth it.

  10. tearfallzbreak says:

    I am starting to think this is happening=( to me

  11. 1972xlh says:

    i had no hair loss when prego but a lot of hair loss after i had my kids,…maybe this why the HCG diet causes this? some ppl on this diet stay on prenatal vitamins, anyone heard if this helps with the hair loss?

  12. yolet garcia says:

    Thanks for responding Gurlie.! i quit the Hcg .. and i must say weight watchers is Awsome i have lost about 10 lbs… just by eating right.. A week into Hcg.. i had really bad headaches… and that was new for me.. i rarely ever have head aches… and i soon as i stopped the pill they went away! thanks for the reply! many blessing your way!

  13. stephanie92483 says:

    yes it is grows back!

  14. yolet garcia says:

    Did your hair grow back??????????? i just started the hcg a week ago.. PLEASE answer asap.. concerned

  15. Carol Sloan says:

    When ever there is a radical change in diet or life style hormones are effected, causing such things as hair loss. I have a friend who does a low carbohydrate diet and she too has loss hair.

  16. mclaughin says:

    The hairloss is due to stress not the hcg. Losing weight so rapidly does cause stress on our systems. You can add a biotin supplement and it will help.

  17. ladyj40 says:

    wow I am so glad I found this cause I am losing hair like crazy omg this is scary.

  18. TheKapriGirl says:

    How long your hair been falling out?? am on p4 and have same problem for 6 weeks now

  19. Robynkay35 says:

    Can you post now. How’s the hair? I got sick and it’s called TE. I lost a bunch of weight. Hairloss sucks and it really hurts!

  20. LaFlacs says:

    i noticed last time i lost some hair …but this time around i made sure to take my vitamins b4 i started hcg and it helped me ….this time i have not been experiencing any …i hope the vitamins help u :)

  21. stephanie92483 says:

    thanks for the reassurance. i hope it does.

  22. Callyfatgone says:

    Don’t worry it grows back fuller than ever….

  23. stephanie92483 says:

    i’m not having any other problems besides the hair loss which i believe is only temporary and will grow back. i hope everything is okay with you anne.

  24. AnneMDe says:

    Same thing is happening to me. I have lost about 1/3 of my hair. I too have alot of hair. Had I known I was going to lose this much hair would not have done this diet. Would have done something safer. I hope I have not done any permanent damage to my body. Reading about so many people online who are having hair loss. I am also having some medical problems? Anyone else?

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